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Transfer and Postings vide order No 629-CADK-ADM of 2024 Dated-06-07-2024
Tentative Senior list udner Notification No.624CADKADM of 2024 Dated- 01-07-2024 .59_compressed (1) .
Circular Dated:- 03/08/2022
Transfer and Posting of Ministerail staff Dated-27-10-2021
ORDER NO.CADK 173 of 2021 Dated-23-03-2021
Tentative Seniority list vide Notification No.172-cadk-Adm of 2021 dated 22-03-2021
Tentative Seniority list vide notification No.108/CAD/ADM of 2018 Dated:-24-09-2018
Realese of funds under PMKSY of CAD&WM Projects "Kargil"Dated:-12-03-2016
Realese of funds under PMKSY of CAD&WM Projects Dated:-12-03-2016
Establishment of Greivance Redressal Cell
Release of Funds under PMKSY Dated:-05-03-2016
Release of funds under SS & CS dated 18-02-2016
Release of funds under RKVY
Order No 74 of CADK dated 05-08-2015
Order No 73 of CADK dated 05-08-2015
Order No 69 of CADK dated 30-07-2015
Cancellation Of Advertisement Notice 2015
Departmental Vigilance Officer
Nodal officer for website
Final Seneority List (Notification No:-79/CADK/ADM/2014 Dated:-10-07-2014
Advertisement Notice No.11/CADK/ADM of 2014 Dated:- 31-01-2014
Creation Orders of Command Area Development Kashmir
Project Assignment
Transfer and postings