CAD Schemes/Activities

As per guidelines issued by Ministry of Water Resources Govt.of India the following components / schemes are approved for implementation under CAD.

Objectives of Schemes

1. Survey and Planning of On Farm Developmental (OFD) works.
2. Construction of Field Channels.
3. Warabandi
4. Construction of Field Drains
5. Trainings/Seminars.
6. Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)/formulation of Water User’s Associations (W.U.A)
7. Demonstration/ Research & Development Activities


The theme of Command Area Development and Water Management (CAD&WM) Programme is the efficient utilization of created irrigation potential.

The main objective of execution of these schemes is to increase Agriculture Production and Productivity by efficient management of water, soil, inputs and latest technologies. This has been possible by taking up following steps:-

• Creating appropriate infrastructures like, field channels, field drains, flumes,  etc.
• Improving the water use efficiency.
• Enforcing warabandi through water users association.
• Educating farmers regarding consumptive use of irrigation water.
• Technology Transfer and adaptive trails.

Names and Details of Water User’s Association of Command Area Development Kashmir in defferent projects.